The Platform

The BMTCA Sustainability Exchange is a global online platform that allows the purchase and sale of environmental assets with cost-effective, proven transparency and a safe liquidation system.

The platform provides to individuals, brokers, companies and projects developers, an efficient way to transact their own credits and projects.

Among the benefits are:

·         Easy process monitoring access;

·         Operational structure process of payment vs. delivery of the credit titles;

·         Technology structure of easy access for credit transaction and operation;

·         Global market expertise with secure and transparent mechanisms;

·         Affordable solution;

·         Supply volume of products;

·         Transparency in process and volumes;

·         Market trends analysis;

·         Buyer & Seller Privacy option/process;

·         Flexibility as to the transaction volume;

·         Customised structure of solutions for the transaction process;

·         Access to information for monitoring the projects performance, including projects documents access, images, videos and marketing materials;


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