Assets Purchase

The BMTCA Sustainability Exchange provides legal support and advice to environmental assets purchase offering guidelines for the accounting and financial process.

Once the purchased titles are transferred on the BMTCA platform, the buyer tracks the origin of the titles thus monitoring at distance in a simple way the performance of investment projects.

The credits and green commodities traded at BMTCA will provide their own origin verified and certified by independent international organisations that guarantee the product origin compliance.

The marketing materials, videos, maps, and documents in general that prove and certify the origin of the products are available on the platform and strategically are placed beside the assets list, which allow the verification by the investors.

The technology tools offered by the BMTCA facilitate the access and verification by the investors, clients and stakeholders. The BMTCA Sustainability Exchange also:

·        Facilitates the access and encourages people to engage in the fight for life and nature protections;

·        Prepares and facilitates environmental and social adequacy of companies and institutions;

·        Offers services and products focused on real sustainability, embracing simultaneously the environmental, social and economic pillars;

·        Contributes with companies in their own Corporate Social Responsibility;

·       Adds value to its brand, increasing a competitive advantage – by highlighting the difference of its own product, service or also from the company that proves into transparent and real actions the projects of life protection;

·      Makes the product more attractive to investors focused on work directly with social and environmentally companies;


·         Collaborates with sustainable production chains.



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